At The Happy Dog Paw, we offer 18 + years of experience for all of your pets needs. Services Include All Breed Dog Grooming, Pet Sitting, Doggy Day Care, Essential oils for your pets and Nutritional Guidance. We believe in an organic and positive reinforcement philosophy. It is our promise to you, as our client, that when your pet is here with us that they will be kept safe and will be treated with the best compassion, kindness, and love.

Pet Sitting Description and Rates

At The Happy Dog Paw, we offer a more personalized environment for pet sitting. While your dog is with us he/she will get individual attention and play time. We walk the dogs for the first time at 8am and they go out for the last time at 11pm. They are walked to go potty several times a day go for nature walks (weather permitting) throughout their stay here with us.
Requirements: It is required for your dog to be up to date on all vaccinations and to have a kennel cough vaccination which is called the bordetella. We require you to bring your dogs own food, enough for your dog’s entire stay as being away from home is stressful enough on a dog, we do not want any extra tummy troubles. It is also required that you provide an emergency contact, someone that is able to make decisions for you in the event of an emergency if in a rare case we cannot get a hold of you. We want your dog to be as stress-free and comfortable as possible so we suggest that you bring your dogs’ bed or blanket, toys to play with and treats. Full Payment is due in full upon drop off, we accept cash, check or a credit/debit card.
1 dog 40.00 per night
(10.00 for each additional dog)
The dog(s) must be picked up prior to 11 am on scheduled pick up day or you will be charged a day stay for picking up after 11am

Doggy Daycare

Daycare different from the rest!!… If you’ve ever searched for dog daycare places and compared prices you’ll notice that most places tack on additional charges for a special treat, extra play time, walk, play time with other dogs…etc… We don’t do that here at The Happy Dog Paw! We believe that each dog will be given the same amount of play time, treats, attention walks etc… For ONE price. Most behavior issues stem from your pet not getting enough exercise to burn off their energy. Doggy daycare is designed so that he or she gets enough mental/physical stimulation as to feel less anxious from being home all day by themselves. The goal is to have them be socialized and ready for some rest when you get home from your long day at work.

Daycare Description and Prices

Daycare Includes: · Outdoor Playtime (weather permitting) with other dogs. Indoor activities if the weather does not permit outside play. Or individual playtime with a preferred toy. (Depending on the dog’s individual needs as some dogs do not play well with others and our main goal is to keep them entertained and SAFE!) · Nature walks (Weather permitting) · Special mid-day grain-free all-natural treat. If your dog needs special treatment such as certain feeding times, medicine administered or extra quiet time for seniors we accommodate for them as well.
$28.00 for a full day drop of and pick up available 8:30 am to 5:30pm
$18.00 for 5 hours and under

Doggy Daycare Packages

10 visits for $280.00 save $20.00 by purchasing this package.

Dog Grooming

Small breed grooming starts at $40.00 (and up)
Large breed grooming starts at $60.00 (and up)
Toenail trim $10.00
Toenail trim with Dremel $15.00
Trim hair on feet add $5.00 to either service above
Ear Cleaning $10.00
Teeth brushing $8.00
All groom prices will be different depending on the dog’s’ breed, how often the dog is done, the condition of the dog’s coat and what type of cut and style you’d like. We will have to see your dog to give you a firm price.
Speak with Jennifer regarding an estimate

Nutritional Counseling and Essential oils

Your diet is imperative to your health. And it is the same for Fido. Most people that come into my grooming shop have issues with their pets that CAN be helped with a simple diet change but yet they spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars at the vet and end up with a dog on steroids and antibiotics that cost a lot of money! Why is that? It’s because most vets do not have very much nutritional training in their 8 years of college, some only have about 8 hours of education put on by a bias food manufacturing company… and unless you are consulting with a nutritional vet you may be going down the wrong road. After all, medicines only take care of the symptoms, not the problem. It is essential to know what your dog is ingesting, it’s important to know how to read an ingredient panel on your dog’s bag of food because unfortunately dog food companies are allowed to lie for profit. These days with all of the options and the recalls and opinions that are floating around out there it can be confusing. I CAN HELP! I can sit down with you and your dog and come up with a diet that will help the longevity of your dog’s’ organs, your dogs’ energy, aggression, ear infections, runny eyes, tears stains; itchy skin…the list goes on and on.
With a nutritional plan, I have also incorporated DoTERRA essential oils. I have researched the product and have found it to be the best in quality and in therapeutic standards. Essential oils can help with many issues such as; digestion, ticks and fleas, lumps and bumps, achy muscles and joints, ear infections, worms…etc…
1 hour nutritional consultation $30.00 989 745 5406